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Hey, I'm new to this community, but that is way off of my subject right now! Ok, from TONS and TONS and TONS of research I've come to find out that... Jeremy Sumpter has a girlfriend. Yes, it says on his site that he is single, but they are keeping their relationship a secret. Her name is Natalie. I have a few pictures of them together. How I found out is that I've been talking to Natalie for a long time... And everyone and her says that she has a boyfriend, but she can't say who. All of her friends that are VERY close to her keep saying your boyfriend is hot, your boyfriend is hot! Well, not only do I just talk to her, but I talk to her through myspace.com and she had a few pictures of her and Jeremy cuddling together. Then one day she took them off because they were upsetting her (I'm guessing because he is gone right now in Portland filming a movie) and she didn't want to think about him... Because there was no way to contact him because he was so busy. Only at night she could talk to him. Then one of her friends said where are your pictures of you and you BOYFRIEND!!! Meaning Jeremy Sumpter. I also know his sisters too (which I can't say how...) but I do, and they say to Natie "You must REALLY miss him alot huh? Because you guys are so CLOSE" -Only saying that to keep the relationship a secret. Honestly, I think that her and Jeremy Sumpter are going out. I'm plotting to ask her tonight. Here are some pictures of them together.

This sucks.
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